Our Services

PureKernel's Core Services

We provide business consulting and coaching services to help companies and individuals build enduring capability that enables better business outcomes.  Our core competence include Cloud Solutions, IT Service Management, Small Business Transformation, Market Research and Financial Accounting.
Our mission is to provide personalised services that exceed our clients’ expectation of quality and impact.

Business & IT Consulting

PureKernel consultants are senior practitioners with proven expertise in providing actionable recommendations to business and IT organisations.  Because we invest time to fully understand your vision and unique requirements, our efforts yield consistent and effective results, with reduced risk, in the shortest possible time-frame.
PureKernel has developed a set of consulting services that spans the entire lifecycle of IT and Business.  Whether you are planning to start a business, running one or want to transform one, let us show you the way to success.

Business & IT Coaching

We provide business and IT coaching to enable individuals to perform better in their career or business . Contact us today to climb on a capability maturity ladder that will take your abilities to the next level.

Product Development

As veteran software architects and engineers, we provide consulting services for product development and support. We help small and large organisations to brainstorm and bring innovative products to market in the shortest time possible. Our own products include TPSG, PureOrb, PureBot, RDA Index (in partnership with Xtant Real)

Our Software Products

What makes us different?

We are different because we deliver our work to match your vision: The impact you set out to make in the world! We are here to help make your business serve you and not vice-versa. Where there is no existing vision, we help you to set a vision. We give meaning to your business that goes to the heart of your passion, values and principle.

Our values is our strenght. We deliver to client satisfaction every time with no ifs or buts. We do this by first ensuring we are a mutual fit for each other. We do what is right for you and for us. Once we establish mutual fit, we are ready to roll.